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When you need an economical utility tractor with the power to make quick work of tougher soil conditions, steep grades, pulling heavier loads, moving larger loads of soil, or cutting taller, thicker brush, the K5055 delivers. And when you see how much you get for the money, you might wonder why other brands charge more for less. With 17% more engine horsepower and 21% more PTO horsepower than the K5047, the K5055 helps you to power through heavier load applications by reducing the need to operate at slower speeds.

Want more? The quick attach, skid steer compatible front end loader, complete with grill guard and has the lift capacity to move heavy loads. The flat platform is spacious for operator comfort. Wet disc brakes provide long lasting, superior stopping power. Draft and position control provide superior control of ground engaging implements. It even comes standard with a draw bar. Get more, do more and save more with the K5055; the ultimate value in an economical utility tractor.

Main Specifications
  • Engine HP - 55
  • PTO HP - 46
  • Transmission - 8 forward x 4 reverse
  • 3-Point Lift Capacity – 3,526 lbs.
  • Loader Lift Capacity – 2,900 lbs.
  • Modern Stylish Design - This 4WD utility tractor is ergonomically designed and stylish with its distinctive blue color.
  • Mitsubishi Tier 4 Interim Engine - renown 4 cylinder engine that delivers fuel efficient power.
  • Easy Open One-Piece Hood - provides accessibility for easy maintenance.
  • Large Fuel Tank – 22.5 gallon capacity provides extended operation times between fill ups.
  • 8 forward / 4 reverse Gear Transmission - provides safe operating speeds for common applications.
  • Easily change from 2WD to 4WD.
  • Simple Selections - select your gear range with simple move of the lever.
  • Ergonomically Designed 3-Point Hitch Controls - easily accessible for maximum comfort and convenience.
  • Position and Draft Control—increases ease of use across a wider variety of implements.
  • Live PTO with Dual Stage Clutch - allows gear and ground speed changes without affecting PTO RPM.
  • Adjustable Seat with Seat Belt - keeps you in a safe and comfortable position.
  • 3-point Hitch - Category 1 (K5047 models) and Category 2 (K5055 models) with hitch lift capacity of 3,526 lbs. allows attachment of a wide variety of implements.
  • Drawbar Standard – increases the usefulness of the tractor without the additional optional cost.
  • Standard Foldable ROPS - allows storage in low clearance buildings or sheds.
  • Flat Platform – side mounted gear lever, maximizes space, improves operator comfort, and makes getting on/off tractor easier.
  • Full Function Dash Panel - important functional data is available at glance for optimum performance and control.
  • Optional Quick Attach, Skid Steer Compatible Front End Loader with Skid Steer Compatible Bucket - easy to take off or attach loader and easily change loader attachments. With 2,900 lbs. of lift capacity it outperforms others in its class. Grill guard comes standard with loader rather than an option like others in its class.
  • Your Choice of Tires - choose industrial or Ag. tires at no additional cost.
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering - makes turning easier, improves control and reduces fatigue and enhances comfort.
  • Value Priced Remotes - add one or two sets of rear remotes and detent function at a fraction of the cost others charge for these options.
  • Optional Quick Attach Backhoe - remove or attach in seconds. With 94” digging depth, 3,748 lbs. of digging force and 180° swing arc, it outperforms other in its class.
  • Type: 4-cylinder, Indirect – injection, Water-cooled
  • Model (Tier 4 Interim): LS S4S
  • Engine HP (Gross): 55
  • PTO HP: 46
  • Rated Speed, RPM: 2500
  • Displacement - cu. in.: 203.3
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (gal): 22.5
  • Alternator: 12V - 50 Amps
Drive Train
  • Transmission: Sliding Gear Shifting
  • No. of Speeds: 8 forward / 4 reverse
  • Brakes: Wet, Multi Disc
  • Steering: Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Type: Dual Clutch
  • Mid PTO: N/A
  • Rear PTO: Standard (540 rpm) / 2409
Hydraulic System
  • Implement pump, gpm: 9.9
  • Steering pump, gpm: 4.8
  • Total flow gpm: 14.7
  • Category, 3 pt hitch: CAT 2
  • Hitch Lift capacity, lb: 3,526
  • Lift control type: Position / Draft
  • Overall length with 3pt: 136.3"
  • Wheelbase: 82.3"
  • Min. overall width with AG tires: 70"
  • Height to top of ROPS with Ag tires, in.: 104.6"
Tire Size
  • Ag Front/Rear: 11.2 - 20 / 14.9 - 30
  • Industrial Front/Rear: 10.5 x 80-18 / 18.4 - 24
  • Turf Front/Rear: NA
  • Total weight without ballast, lbs.: 4,453
Available Attachments
  • Quick Attach, Skid Steer Compatible Front End Loader with 72" Bucket – LL5105
  • 8' Quick Attach Backhoe with Available 12", 16", 18" and 24" Bucket – LB3102
  • 84" Finishing Mower - LM1484
  • Canopy
  • Remote Valve-1 pair (2 outlets) or 2 pair (4 outlets)
  • Detent Kit
  • Front weight-44 lbs x 4
Shown with options.



Engine Manufacturer
Engine Type
4-cylinder, Water-cooled, Tier 4 Interim
55 hp
46 hp
Rated RPM
2500 rpm


82.3 in.
104.6 in.
70 in.
4453 lb.
Tire Size
Ag Front/Rear: 11.2 - 20 / 14.9 - 30; IND Front / Rear: 10.5 x 80-18 / 18.4 - 24


Fuel System
Indirect – injection
Fuel Capacity
22.5 gal.
Sliding Gear Shifting
Wet, Multi Disc
Total Flow: 14.7 gpm
Drive Type

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